What Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat 2 Eggs Per Day?

Chicken eggs are a staple in kitchens across the globe. They are so versatile, it’s acceptable to eat them at nearly every meal.

Eggs are said to be the perfect protein source, containing the exact amount of amino acids that our bodies need.

With zero carbs, vitamins A, E, D and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, choline, iron, antioxidants, and more, it’s hard to deny how nutritious they are.

But just what happens to your body when you eat two eggs a day?


Many consume eggs for their potential to help with weight loss. According to the International Journal of Obesity, a low calorie diet combined with eating eggs regularly can help you lose weight twice as fast.

Eggs are also known to boost your immune system. With 22% of your daily recommended intake of the immune system-boosting selenium, eggs can help to protect you from viruses and infections.

Thank to the amino acid choline, eggs support normal brain development and memory. Eggs can also be beneficial during pregnancy, as they support babies’ brain development.

Lutein, known as “the eye vitamin,” is also abundant in eggs, which can help to protect eyes from cateracts, and even helps to protect against heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Eggs contain plenty of cholesterol, which may not sound like a good thing. But the body produces both good and bad cholesterol, and eggs actually raise the “good” and can even improve your overall cholesterol profile.

Research has also shown that eggs have anti-aging properties. Studies have revealed that eggs can help to lift the skin, reduce wrinkles, and lighten age spots. The abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins also helps to keep your hair, skin, and nails protected and healthy.

As one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, eggs support healthy bones, teeth, and muscles by helping the body to absorb calcium.

The list only continues from there, and with so many beneficial vitamins and nutrients within, it’s hard to believe something so small could be so powerful.

But even without the entire list of the benefits of eggs, this is more than enough to convince me to make them part of my daily routine.